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All of our spa treatments are specially designed to suit your needs and target troubled areas. You can share these services with friends or family members by treating them to a gift card.

Massage Treatments

Indulge yourself with one of our therapeutic or relaxation massage. Our massage therapists will help you choose the massage that will address your needs, and will provide you with an insurance receipt upon request.

Massage Treatments

  • Swedish Massage

    A classic form of massage that promotes good health and relaxation. Loosens the muscles and stimulates body tissue. Relieves stress and improves circulation, leaving you feeling completely renewed and rejuvenated.

    30 min   $60
    60 min   $90
    90 min $120
    120 min $155
  • Therapeutic Massage

    This full body therapeutic massage provides the pressure and techniques needed to reach deeper, and harder areas. Deep manual techniques will target areas of increased muscular stress and tension. This will reduce muscle aches and pains.

    30 min   $75
    60 min   $105
    90 min $140
  • Prenatal Massage

    True tranquility for our mothers to-be, and tailored to suit your specific needs. This treatment is only recommended for mothers in their second or third trimester.

    60 min   $96
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massages involve the use of various techniques to manipulate superficial and deep muscle layers, and connective tissue. These massages enhance the healing process, increase blood circulation to troubled areas, decrease muscle reflex activity and inhibit motor neuron excitability while providing feelings of relaxtation and well-being.

    30 min   $75
    60 min   $105
    90 min $137
  • Thai Massage

    Thai oil massage is an energy approach from Thailand. The main features of this massage are the work on energy lines, and acupressure on specific points. This massage promotes the circulation of energy throughout the body, and the release of physical and mental tension, which provides deep relaxation.

    60 min   $105
    90 min $135
  • Indian Head Massage

    The cranial massage consists of movements on the entire skull, from the scalp to the temples, through the top of the head and ears. The massage therapist usually uses a hot oil to apply pressure and rotation to the skull. In addition to promoting relaxation, this oil enhances facial and hair care.

    30 min   $57
    60 min   $95
  • Trigger Point Release Massage

    Benefits of trigger point massage are releasing constricted areas in the muscles to alleviating pain.

    30 min   $70
    60 min $120

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